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This journal is where I post my stories about My Little Pony Tales. I can hear some of you now. Ponies? Really? Yes, really. These ponies aren't quite like you're used to though, they have more human characteristics. They wear clothes, have hands, drive, drink, smoke and sleep around. If these things bother or upset you then I suggest you hit that back button mighty fast as I write for myself and no one else. If you don't like what I write or don't care for how I've treated a character you adore that's all you and not me. Stories range from G up to PG-13. Please do pay attention to the rating listed for each.

You won't find just characters that appeared in the television series here. There are of course original characters as well. Often times those are the ones I favor and write about more. After all who can say no to a pout from a blue eyed sex crazed hunk? ;)

Do you care about me
Or the pictures that you see
Are we just a face without a personality
Taken from the Five song, Two Sides To Every Story.

My Little Pony Tales is copyrighted to Hasbro and Sunbow Productions which are in no way associated with these stories or author. These are just stories written by a fan.

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