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Title: Changes
Characters: Meadlowlark
Summary: Things have long been less than perfect for the ballerina. What will she do now that Cheval is out of her life?
Notes: Meadlowlark is 27.
Rating: PG-13

With a sigh Meadowlark set her bags down. Since when had shopping become more strenuous than dance practice? Rotating her shoulders she headed towards the bedroom. A nice hot bath sounded like pure heaven to her just then. Her hand on the handle of the door she stopped. The sound of someone giggling made her heart stop. It was unmistakably the giggle of someone of the female gender. But it couldn't be. Could it? Bracing herself Meadowlark opened the double doors. There in the king sized bed was Cheval and two other women; if they could even be called women. Meadowlark wasn't sure if they were even legal as neither looked to be over the age of fifteen. A blonde with bright green eyes giggled again as Cheval wrestled her beneath the sheets pinning her. The other girl with raven hair and bright pink eyes noticed Meadowlark standing there and was unsurprised to see her there.

"Come to join the party?", the raven haired girl asked around a giggle as her friend nipped at her chest.

Turning his head to see who the girl was talking to Cheval, on the other hand, was surprised to see Lark standing there, her face totally devoid of all emotion. Pulling his body away from the blonde's he grabbed a bathrobe from the floor and slipped it on with ease. Tying the cloth belt around his waist he left the room, fully expecting Meadowlark to follow him. She did, shutting the doors behind them. Taking a deep breath she followed Cheval into the living room.

"How old are they?", Meadowlark asked preparing for the worst.

"Sixteen. I think.", Cheval answered while reaching for the bottle of bourbon.

Wonderful. Both underage. This would be just brilliant if the press got hold of it. Not only would his name be dragged through the mud but so would hers and the Ballet Company. Well no. Not really. The company they were with would do everything within their power to discredit anything bad said about their star. Even going so far as to discredit her if she so much as breathed a bad word about her husband. Jolly wonderful company they were with.

Cheval had expected a storm; yelling, throwing things, yet she did nothing, just stood there. If it wasn't for the fact that speaking to break the beastly silence would have given Meadowlark an advantage, even if it was only in his head, he would have. This was fast approaching unbearable. He kept it up though, not about to break and speak before she had.

Meadowlark went over a thousand different things in her mind. They weren't the first. That much she knew. But how often had this happened without her knowledge? How many underage girls had there been? How many more was there still to be? How could he do this to her? After standing by him all this time; even through the gambling and the drinking. But this? How could she turn a blind eye to this?

"I want a divorce.", Meadowlark said at last her voice unwavering.

Cheval never flinched at the reply just took the remainder of his bourbon in one swallow before saying, "Mother will be delighted."

Lark focused her eyes on a spot behind Cheval. Yes, undoubtedly his mother would be pleased. The woman had never cared for her. Why she never could figure out. She did everything they asked of her. She was the perfect wife, the perfect hostess, the perfect everything. Everything but her real self.

Refilling the tumbler Cheval continued since his wife had remained silent, "She always thought I married beneath my status. Obviously she was right. I was just too much a fool to listen."

The words stung worse than the hand that often times connected with her face. Eyes shifted from the spot behind him to his face. How could he say that? He didn't mean it. He couldn't. But deep down she knew he did. After the alcohol wore off he never apologized. Never said it wouldn't happen again. But than it would have been silly for him to say things he didn't mean. Because it would happen again. It always did.

Less than a month later the divorce was final. The judge had appeared less than concerned as to why or anything that had lead up to this, or why they hadn't sought marriage counseling first. But that too came as anything but a surprise since the judge was such good friends with Cheval's mother. Since her now ex-husband had gambled most of their earnings away it was his mother who paid Meadowlark the millions her lawyer had insisted upon. Which the woman happily paid to be rid of the girl she never cared for; but more for the return of her grandmother's wedding ring.

As the plane landed, Meadowlark fished in her purse for her sunglasses. After years of being bombarded by paparazzi everywhere she turned, it was an old habit that would die hard, sunglasses had become a mainstay in her wardrobe. Granted she knew without Cheval the press would vanish. At least for the most part until they all got their heads out of their asses and realized that with or without Cheval she was still one of the most talented ballerinas in all the world. Retirement was the furthest thing from her mind. She may not be with one of the leading companies any longer but that didn't mean she couldn't still dance and dance well. The company in her hometown had leapt at the chance to have her starring in their production of Swan Lake and Meadowlark had graciously accepted the offer and left the next day. Part of her was excited. This was a chance to begin again. To prove to everyone, but more importantly to herself that she could dance well with anyone. Lark fidgeted as the stewardess announced that everyone could now leave. This was crazy. Her nervous? But she was. More than she had ever been on any opening night. No one knew that Cheval was out of her life. And really what could she say other then they were divorced? If she mentioned any of the reasons she had left him it would just make her seem like some bitter ex that would do or say anything to make it look like everything was the fault of her ex and that she had been the only one to suffer. That was the last thing she wanted. And really why should she tell anyone the truth? They wouldn't believe it anyway. Not of Cheval. He was perfect, so they thought. Heaven only knew what her mother would say when she told her of the divorce. Marrying him had been one of only two things she had ever done right in her entire life. It certainly felt that way anyway. Especially when her own mother introduces her to people as Cheval's wife. Not as her daughter, not as the rising ballet star, but Cheval's wife as though she were nothing without him.

The carry on bag in one hand and her purse tucked under her other arm, Meadowlark walked off of the plane. The fur coat she was wearing was a little too warm here for spring. She silently cursed herself for forgetting it was warmer here than back in France right now. Her head held high she scanned the group of people who were waving to loved ones and welcoming them back. Not seeing her parents or younger sister Lark wondered if perhaps they had already heard about Cheval or if they had forgotten when she was arriving. Her heels clicked on the titled floor as she made her way to the baggage belt to retrieve her luggage. Seven suitcases later, she was grateful to discover an empty luggage cart. Loading all of her suitcases onto it she half pushed half pulled it through the airport. Not more than twenty feet from the main entrance she was more than a little surprised to see her mother walking as fast as she could without running towards her.

Jacqueline smiled and waved at her daughter as she neared she called out, "Meadowlark, sweetheart welcome home."

Meadowlark smiled, the same smile she used when photographers were in her face. Her mother obviously had changed. She instantly noticed the dress slacks, blouse and gold earrings her mother was wearing. Such a big change from the woman who had once been content to wear simple cotton dresses. Yes fame and fortune had a way of changing everyone around you. Family included.

Embracing her daughter in a hug Jacqueline said, "It's good to have you home."

"It's wonderful to be home."

Linking her arm through her daughter's Jacqueline asked, "So when will Cheval be arriving?"

"He won't be.", Meadowlark answered wishing this conversation could have waited until they were at least in the car.

"What do you mean, he won't be?", Jacqueline questioned the alarm evident not only in her voice but on her face as well.

"Just what I said." Meadowlark replied, "He won't be coming."

"Why not? What happened? Did you two quarrel?", Jacqueline had gone from happy to distressed in under a minute as she fired off the questions in rapid succession.

"Something like that I guess.", Meadowlark answered trying her best not to unleash the storm that would follow by telling her mother exactly what was going on in the airport.

"I'm sure whatever it is the two of you will work it out.", Jacqueline stated her voice full of convection.

"I very much doubt that.", Meadowlark replied unable to hide the iciness from her voice.

Jacqueline patted her daughter's arm, "I'm sure it will all work out. The two of you will be back to your happy, loving selves in no time."

Unlinking their arms Meadowlark turned to face her mother before stating her voice firm, "Mother we're divorced."

"What?", Jacqueline asked her eyes wide; "You can't be serious. Meadowlark how could you let him go? He was perfect!"

"I don't want to discuss this. Can we just go?"

Without waiting for a reply Lark deposited her carry on bag and purse on top of her suitcases before placing both hands on the cool metal of the baggage cart and shoving it out of the double automatic doors. She could hear her mother's footsteps behind her as heels clicked on the pavement. Taking a deep breath she fully expected her mother to start in all over again, asking pointless questions that she honestly couldn't answer, at least not truthfully. Instead her mother said nothing as she led the way to the car. Meadowlark was thankful for the silence. Heaven only knew how long it would last; knowing her mother not nearly long enough. The suitcases loaded and the cart returned Jacqueline pulled out of the parking complex and headed out of the airport.

"I – we - " Jacqueline was at a loss for words, "It isn't ready yet, but we can fix your old room up. You can stay as long as you want."

"Thank you." Meadowlark replied, "You don’t need to go to all that trouble though. The company I'm with has set me up at a hotel in town."

"Oh." Was all Jacqueline said.

"I'll be at the Four Aces.", Meadowlark offered the information freely, "Until I find a place of my own anyway."

"So you're going to buy a house?"

"Or a condo." Lark replied, "Theress some lovely ones around here. A few near the theater which would be nice."

Jacqueline simply nodded her head as she turned right; heading in the direction of the hotel her daughter was going to be staying at. Lightly resting her head on the back of the seat, Meadowlark didn't bother to say anything else. Instead she watched out the window at the passing buildings and streets she had known so well almost ten years ago. Gracious. It had been almost exactly ten years since she had last been here. Traveling with one Ballet Company or other all that time she never seemed to have enough time off to pop back home for a visit. Thankfully though her family had been able to fly across the ocean to visit her in Europe three or four times. Each time she had cherished the appearance of familiar faces that meant so much to her. But really she was most grateful for their being there because for the two or three weeks that they were there Cheval was always on his best behavior. As her mind continued to wander, she didn't realize that they had arrived at the hotel until someone had opened the car door for her. A gloved hand was extended towards her to help her out and she accepted it with a smile. A pair of blue eyes sparkled as the young man smiled in return. Slowly his blue eyes trailed over her body as she stepped out of the car. If she hadn't been so good at hiding her feelings Meadowlark would have blushed. How long had it been since someone had looked at her like that? It was tempting to wink at him but Lark thought better of it knowing full well what her mother would have to say about that. Instead she waltzed right up to the large double doors her strides even, never bothering to so much as bat an eye. The doorman would open the door before she reached it; the thought of him not never entered her mind. She was used to doors opening almost of their own free will; barely did she see the person holding it open for her as she stepped inside. Heels tapped rhythmically on the marble floor as she approached the front desk. Setting the sunglasses on the top of her head Meadowlark gave a smile with all the warmth of a piece of ice to the young man behind the desk. It was quite obvious from the way he was floundering about once she had given her name that he was new to all of this. Inwardly she felt a little sorry for him but outwardly she appeared cold and indifferent. She could feel eyes on her, whether they recognized her or not didn't concern her. They'd think what they wanted no matter how she behaved. If she was nothing but sweetness they saw her as someone putting on an act, if she appeared cold as she was now they thought her a spoiled unfeeling bitch. There was no in-between. It was either one or the other. She couldn't have an off day or be exceptionally merry. It just wasn't allowed. Years with Cheval and his mother had taught her much. Nothing of which she wished she had ever learned. Finally the young man handed her the key to her suite apologizing about it taking him so long. Meadowlark gave another icy smile and a slight dip of her head as though she had forgiven him some unspeakable act.

The elevator ride had passed quickly and she walked the short distance from it to the large double doors that lead into the suite. Slipping the card key into the appropriate slot she gave the handle a turn and it opened. The bus boy followed behind her with her suitcases loaded on a luggage cart. The first thing to catch her eye was a vase filled with tulips. A card sticking between two of the white flowers was left where it was. Why bother reading it? It was undoubtedly from the ballet company welcoming her to the city and saying how they looked forward to working with her. Adverting her gaze Lark glanced around the rest of the spacious living area as the teenager moved her baggage into the bedroom. Neatly he placed the smaller suitcases in a stack in a corner of the room. The largest piece of luggage he hefted onto the chest at the foot of the bed. Taking the cart with him he stepped out of the bedroom and inquired if Meadowlark needed anything else at the present moment. Slipping the teenager a twenty she thanked him for his help and dismissed him. The engraved double doors were barely shut before Lark was removing the fur coat. Draping it over the back of a chair she set her sunglasses on the table next to her purse and key. Picking up the carry on she had taken with her on the plane she headed into the bathroom. The light weight sweater, dress slacks and heels were discarded as she let the water run in the shower. Half an hour later she emerged with damp hair and a fuzzy purple robe tied loosely around her waist. Feeling more relaxed she went to the fridge which conveniently blended in so perfectly with the cherry wood chest it was part of that if she hadn't been used to these sorts of rooms she never would have found it. Pulling the door open she glanced inside. An assortment of fruits and cheeses were the first things she spotted before eyes finally came to rest on the bottle of wine. Taking the bottle out she shut the fridge before surveying the nearby cabinet shelves for a glass. Finding the corkscrew in a drawer she wasted no time in opening the bottle and pouring herself a very full glass. Tucking feet under her Meadowlark curled up in a wingback chair. Sipping the tart red liquid she thought back over the past few years. It had all been a joke. Why had he ever proposed? Had he ever loved her? Or had it all been a lie? Had it been for nothing else than appearances sake? As she mulled over the questions in her mind she found she couldn't answer a one of them concerning him. She knew at one point she had loved him. But he was as much a mystery to her now as he had been then. There had been no growing closer. Quite the opposite. They had grown further apart.

Finishing her glass of wine Lark poured herself another. Between the warm afternoon sun, the wine and the fact that she was dealing with jetlag it wasn't long before she dozed off in the chair. When she finally woke it was dusk. Working the crick out of her neck she uncoiled herself. Standing she moved to the sliding glass door that opened out onto the balcony. Stepping outside the cool of the concrete surprised her as she walked barefoot to the ledge. Leaning arms on top of it she gazed out at the city. The setting sun painted everything in vibrant pinks and oranges. As it faded to purples lights all over flickered on. It was like a glorious masterpiece that someone had painted for her alone. The chill of the evening breeze brought her back from her daydream and forced her to return to the suite. Picking up the phone she dialed room service and ordered dinner and another bottle of wine. She could have dressed in the time it would take for her dinner to be ready but she didn't. Lark didn't even bother to tighten the sash on her robe. Her breasts were half exposed and her legs were plainly visible almost up to her thighs.

When at last a knock came at the door she stated all too calmly, "Come in."

The waiter on the other side opened the door and pushed the cart in. Lark was amused to see his jaw drop slightly as he caught sight of her in the bathrobe. She noticed with pleasure that his eyes were roaming over her body and stopping at all of the right places. Though her face didn't show it she was greatly pleased. Eyes sparkled as the young man shut the double doors behind him. It took a moment before he regained his senses.

"Where would you like me to put this?"

"Anywhere." Meadowlark answered moving slowly, almost sauntering towards him.

The young man lightly nodded his head before moving the cart alongside the polished dining table. Taking the dishes from the cart he set them on top of the gleaming wood and to one side. Leaning over the table Lark felt her breasts push against the robe and spill out as he set the chocolate soufflé in front of her.

"Will there be anything else?", the young man asked his voice deepening as his face flushed slightly.

Lark moved around the side of the table not bothering to cover herself back up. Bright pink eyes looked the waiter over making sure to stop at particular spots. Slowly she let her tongue roll across her lips. She noticed with amusement that he was trembling be it ever so slightly. Standing in front of him her face inches from his she smiled.

"I can think of one thing."

Untying her robe Meadowlark let it slip off of her shoulders. Delicate fingers unbuttoned his pants. Slipping one hand inside she began to gently massage him. Not able to hide his pleasure at her touch he let out a soft moan as she gave him more than just a gentle squeeze. Oh how he wanted to pin her. Unmoving the young man hesitated a moment. She wasn't just having a bit of sport with him was she? As though to answer his question Lark took her free hand and began unbuttoning his shirt. There was a look in her eyes that dared him to move, dared him to do anything. Transfixed by Lark's beauty and the brazen way in which she had taken charge he remained standing, letting her hands go where they pleased.

Wanting pleasure herself in return for what she was giving Lark asked, "Are you going to fuck me or are you going to stand there like a spineless jellyfish while I fondle you?"

Pants fell to the floor along with boxers in the blink of an eye as the waiter's hands quickly reached out to touch her. Lark smiled as he pressed her against the smooth edge of the table. Lips ran over her ivory neck before trailing down her chest. Nipping at one breast while a hand ran over the other he breathed her in. Wrapping fingers in his wavy hair as she slowly ran a well sculpted leg up his that stopped close to his lower back she pressed against him, urging him to enter her. Any hesitation that he had shown earlier vanished at that moment. She could plainly see the smile on his face as he pushed his way in. At first he moved stiffly before settling into a rhythm, when he did so Lark's body moved with his. Bringing his face closer to hers the dancer watched as emotions flickered across his features, the younger man unable to hide a moment of the pleasure he felt from her. Fingers slipped through his hair as he moved his head to her neck before returning to her chest once again. His tongue wound around one nipple and he bit, hard. Lark let out a moan that was both a mix of pleasure and pain as he lifted her onto the table. Having reached his stride the waiter began pushing harder. For a minute Lark wondered if he was trying to reach the table through her as he thrust harder and faster. For a few glorious minutes the two were alone in the world and the sound of their breathing was the only thing they heard. When he finished he placed a hand on either side of Meadowlark, his vivid green eyes looking into hers.

Lark smiled, "Thank you. I needed that."

Returning the smile he said, "Always happy to help out a patron of the Four Aces."

Chuckling Meadowlark replied with a wink, "I'm sure if all the patrons looked like me and wanted sex you'd be all too accommodating."

Slipping easily from the waiter's arms she moved towards the discarded robe and slipped it back on. As she did so the waiter pulled up his boxers and pants. While buttoning his pants Lark reached out to help button his shirt. There was a look of hunger in the man's eyes as her fingers brushed against his skin. Meadowlark kept the smile from her face though inwardly she was beaming. Glancing at the waiter's name tag for the first time since he'd entered her room, Clyde, well it was nice to know the guy's name at least.

"So Clyde, do you work tomorrow?", Lark questioned as she finished buttoning his shirt.

"No tomorrow's my day off."

Meadowlark nodded her head. A pity yes. But that just meant there would be another for her to play with tomorrow. Why not? Cheval had fooled around with countless women while they'd been married. Why couldn't she sleep around now that they were divorced?

Quickly Clyde added in, "I'll be back the day after though if there's anything else you'd like me to do for you."

A small smile tugged at the corners of Lark's mouth. Yes, a pity Clyde was off tomorrow. At least he would be back and willing to repeat this evening's performance if asked. How wonderful. Slipping the waiter a twenty, not that he wanted the money after the other tip she had so graciously bestowed upon him, but when she insisted he dared not refuse for fear she wouldn't want him back another night.

Watching the double doors close behind Clyde she turned to look at her now cold dinner. She wasn't really in the mood for food anyway. The wine though, well why let that go to waste. Uncorking the bottle she poured herself a glass. Tomorrow was another day and there was another young man for her to sample. Maybe this no Cheval thing would be better than she had thought it would be after all.